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CSS Editor:

ParamXML - Ben Hall

html5sortable - Lukas Oppermann

Helping me figure out how to sync animate child elements background (Unfortunatly not used because of preformance issues) - jam1garner

CSS Editor Web Interface - Coolsonickirby/Random

Special Thanks:

Getting me the updated files - BruhLookAtThis, AGhostsPumpkinSoup, & Γ¦ostal568


Mini-tutorial for converting brstms (from Smash Custom Music) to nus3audio (with loops!)

  1. Go to SmashCustomMusic and look for the game you want the audio from.
  2. Once you find the game, click on it and look for the song you want.
  3. Click on the song name, then click "Download BRSTM" (blue box in image below). Make sure you note down everything in the highlighted section. Not necessary anymore.
    Download BRSTM
  4. Go to "Music file" and select the brstm file you downloaded
  5. Enable the "Loop Samples" checkbox
  6. Set the Sampling Rate to the proper one. (Set it to "Auto" if you're not sure.)
  7. Enter the loop samples you got from the notes into the proper fields Not necessary anymore as it can auto-detect the loop points.
  8. Select the song you want to replace.
  9. Click "Convert"
  10. Profit

You can only convert BRSTMs directly to nus3audio using the main converter.

PAQ (Potentially Asked Questions):

What's this for/What's the use for this?

If you don't have access to your PC or Discord for jam1garner's discord bot to convert wav, you can use this website instead, as it converts the files on the server and sends it back to you. This can be used on school/college computers or on your phone. You can now also edit MSBT files :)

What's this meant for? (Audio)

Mostly for small stuff, like victory jingles, but you can get a BRSTM file off of Smash Custom Music (Archive), use the "Convert brstm/idsp/lopus" under "Extra Stuff", and then convert it to nus3audio (Don't forget to note down the BRSTM hz, loop start, and loop end from Smash Custom Music).

Why did you make this? (Audio)

Because I got tired of connecting to my computer through Google's Remote Desktop just to make music mods at college (Also for me to easily make music mods on my phone). This also makes it easier for me to take pre-existing BRSTMs and convert them to a compatible nus3audio for Smash Ultimate.

Why is the file limit 100mb, and is there a limit on how long files are stored?

1. The file limit is 100mb (with a bit of extra breathing space) because I only have 11-12GB free on the server I'm using.
2. Every 5 mins, the task schedular checks for files that are older than 30 mins. So at most, 34 mins, and at the least, 30 mins.

Where can I upload the file after I download it?


What does "Convert Song to Compatible wav" do?

All it does is take the audio file, resamples it to 48000hz, and exports it as a wav. (Not necessary anymore as the main input can now convert any audio file to a compatible wav if it isn't already.)

Why does "Convert brstm/idsp/lopus to Compatible wav" export the wav file to 48000hz instead of the original?

Because I wanted it to automatically convert it to a compatible wav without uploading, downloading, then uploading it again. You can now convert the brstm directly to a nus3audio now.

Does this work with an unmodded switch?

Unfortunatly, we can't add custom music to smash offically yet (looking at you Nintendo). However, there's a great guide on modding your switch at Switch Hombrew Guide, and a great Smash Ultimate modding guide on Gamebanana made by TNN (That Nintendo Nerd).

Is this a replacement for making music mods natively on your PC?

Short Answer: No
Long Answer: Making music mods natively gives your more options and flexibilty than making it here. You have to factor in upload and download speed + not as much options as using cmd would give you.

Is this a replacement for making MSBT Edits natively on your PC?

Short Answer: No
Long Answer: I'm not even sure if MSBTEditorCli works with unlabeled MSBTs (also no option to add labels). Not sure how well other languages work too.

How are you converting music online?

The website stores the file, then uses shell_exec to convert the file to lopus/idsp (if lopus/idsp was selected, it would return the file), then it injects it into a base nus3audio I have saved somewhere. For compatible wav, I store the file, then use shell_exec with SoX to resample the audio file, then return it. Right now, it's on a Windows Server, but once I figure out how to get VGAudio to work on a linux server, I'll move the server over there for more space, bandwidth, and speed at a cheaper price. Change of plans: MSBTEditorCli only works with .NET 4.0 and I don't know how to get that to work with Linux.

How does the online MSBTEditor work?

The "Open" button submits the file to the server, the server then runs the msbt file through MSBTEditorCli and saves it as a json. The server redirects you to "/msbt/{current id of your msbt}". jQuery takes the id and sends the server an "api" request for the json text. jQuery parses the json text and stores it in an array. Javascript appends the array to the select element, then orders it alphabatically. After you edit the text and click the button "Save", the "Save" button sends the server the array stringified. The server then stores the json string to a file, then sends the file through MSBTEditorCli to convert the json back to MSBT, then it returns the new MSBT file.

Is this website only for audio?

Right now, it's only audio, but I will work on adding more tools and making the website look nicer on my free time. My main goal was audio, but the only good domain name I could've thought of was and that wasn't taken. MSBTEditor now yayyyyyyy.

Where can I find this website's source code?


I have some questions, but they aren't answered here / There's an error in your website. / Can you add _______?

Contact me on discord @ Coolsonickirby#4030.

  1. Add the To-Do List Done
  2. MSBTEditor:
    • Nothing as of now
  3. Audio:
    • Allow custom sample rate instead of 48000 for idsp Done
    • Fix error with nus3audio_replace not working with 14+ clips
  4. CSS Editor:
    • Revamp the design and make it look nicer (cleaner? can't find a better term)
    • Add Echo Character Selection
    • Add Sopo, Sana, proper Ivy, proper Squirtle, and proper Charizard slots
    • Add announcer voice selection
    • Fix Gamma Issue? (not sure if the fix I applied to it is good or not.) Done
    • Add Ability to Change Costume Amount
    • Add Ability to change Character Tips order
  5. SSS Editor:
    • Fix Gamma Issue Done
  6. Fighter Param Editor:
    • Add More Options
    • Add More Randomization Options
    • Improve Randomizer
  7. The Site Itself:
    • Make the front-page look nice instead of being garbage
    • Add more stuff
      • BGM DB Editor
      • Damage Color Editor (Thanks to zrksyd for the idea)
    • Fill in the About Tab
    • Clean up any bugs (tbh I didn't encounter as much as I thought I would)
    • Add CSS to make the To-Do List look more cleaner Done